Australian Building Management Accreditation (ABMA) is the governing organisation developing and regulating the ABMA Building Management Code (Code), which is the industry-specific guidebook to existing legislative standards and best practice requirements for the compliant maintenance of common property in Australia and New Zealand. Providing guiding principles around over 100+ Acts, Regulations, Australian/New Zealand Standards and Codes of Practice mandating maintenance and compliance requirements on building owners, annual subscription to the ABMA Code is important for every building owner and/or building management services provider.

Endorsed by the ABMA Independent Review Panel (Panel) - a board of industry experts, association representatives and leaders in the building management field - the ABMA Building Management Code has been developed to provide the objective standard for the building management sector. Updated annually and in state-specific editions, now building owners, committees, strata managers and facilities managers across Australia can rely on the ABMA for current, up-to-date and relevant guidance around the national minimum standard in compliant building management, facilities maintenance and caretaking service delivery.

The ABMA is a supportive institution bridging the regulatory gap where common property maintenance is concerned. While the ABMA Building Management Code provides measurable standards for caretaking and maintenance of common property, the ABMA - via its Accreditation programs - provides compliance delivery programs for buildings as well as industry practitioners.


Australian Building Management Accreditation seeks to be recognised as the national objective standard in building management, caretaking and service delivery, building functionality, amenity, health and safety and compliance in the ongoing maintenance of buildings - including their essential services and capital infrastructure - for the life cycle of the building.


It is the Mission of Australian Building Management Accreditation to provide the mechanism for setting, assessing, accrediting, evolving and regulating the national building management standard in an inclusive environment via consultation at the highest industry level, excellence in customer service, transparency and impartiality in dealings along with rigorous testing ethics.

Products & Services

The delivery of services provided via Australian Building Management Accreditation is driven by the desire to promote confidence and harmony in the building management industry. The following four (4) predominant services are provided to building owners and their building management practitioners:-

  • ABMA Building Management Code - the objective standard reference guide and implementation tool around existing legislation and building management ‘best practice’ standards.
  • ABMA Building Management Guidebooks - Topic-specific guidebooks, including:
    • ABMA Guide to Assessment Standards
    • Building Management Plan Guide
    • Cleaning Standards Guide
    • Committee Guide to Maintenance & Compliance
    • Fire Services & Compliance Guide
    • Gardening Standards Guide
    • Landlords & Tenants Guide to Maintenance & Compliance
    • Industry Code of Conduct Guide
    • Industry Terms & Definitions Guide
    • Project Management of Capital Works Guide
    • Swimming Pools & Spas Maintenance Guide
    • WHS Safe System of Work for Common Property Guide
  • Accreditation Programs
    • Building Compliance (impartial statutory compliance assessment program for building owners)
    • Industry Practitioners (competency assessment & skills recognition program for caretakers, building managers and facilities managers)
  • ABMA Do-It-Yourself Templates:
    • Building Management Plan Template (create a BMP for the ongoing maintenance & compliance of common property for the full life cycle of the building)
    • WHS Compliance Management Plan Template (create a ‘safe system of work’ for the common property)
  • Training Programs - In partnership with ABMA Accredited Trainers:
    • New Entrants Program
    • ABMA Certificate of Building Management
    • ABMA Diploma of Building Management
    • Do-it-Yourself Workshops (WHS or BMP)
    • ABMA Diploma of Accreditation Auditing

Policies Disclaimer

The Independent Review Panel for Australian Building Management Accreditation developed and approved the following Policies:-

  • Accreditation and Compliance Policy
  • Remedy of Breach of Standard Policy

Terms & Conditions

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ABMA Terms & Conditions