Independent Review Panel

The Mission of the ABMA Independent Review Panel is to address issues of sustainable performance, compliance, functionality and amenity in the maintenance of structures, including their ancillary infrastructure via the ABMA Building Management Code.

Joining forces in a cross-sectorial collaboration, members of the Independent Review Panel cover all facets of the building management sector including:

  • Body Corporate lawyers
  • Building manager or caretaker lawyers
  • Peak body associations
  • Industry associations
  • Corporate facilities management services providers
  • Management Rights owners
  • Training services providers
  • Committee members
  • Academics
  • Technical services providers
  • Auditors and compliance assessors

Consultation is the cornerstone of ABMA’s commitment to creating and maintaining relevant and reliable standards for the benefit of the industry in general. Through consultation and joint venture initiatives, the Panel aims to:

  • Promote trust and enhance relationships between stakeholders by encouraging input in development of the national objective standard: - The ABMA Building Management Code (Code);
  • Maximise available specialist contribution ensuring 360 degree feedback on implementation guidelines and measurable standards;
  • Implementation of transparent reporting governance.

Input into the Code development is invited via the following processes: