ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Program

Building compliance under the ABMA Building Management Code (ABMA ‘Code’) must be every building owner’s compliance goal and the first step toward building compliance is entering into the ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Program.

There are two (2) phases to the ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Program. The first of these is establishment of the site specific building compliance requirements and issuance of the Establishment Schedule Statement for the building. The establishment of the Establishment Schedule Statement occurs once and forms the basis of the ongoing annual building compliance assessment program.

The second phase is the ABMA Annual Building Compliance Assessment phase, which happens annually for the full life of the building on each anniversary of the Establishment Schedule Statement.

Annual Building Compliance Accreditation with Australian Building Management Accreditation (ABMA) sustainably ensures that your structure complies with statutory maintenance and safety obligations. To guarantee that your common property is being serviced to the national objective standard and in accordance with all associated Acts, Regulations and standards, the ABMA bridges the regulatory gap and assesses compliance to the same rigorous effective standard, without the threat of infringement penalty for any observed non-compliances. ABMA Accredited Compliance & Performance Assessors are independent qualified persons, specially trained to work with building owners to ensure full compliance is the outcome of every ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Program.


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For further information please review our Fact Sheet on the ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Program


Accreditation Program - Industry Practitioner

Accreditation of Industry Practitioners providing services in the community titles sector guarantees compliant outcomes. Well trained and qualified people are our best resource when it comes to sustainable, quality outcomes.

The industry may now rely on ABMA Accredited Industry Practitioners to be delivering skills and standards in accordance with the ABMA Building Management Code as applicants must provide evidence of competency and compliance under the national standard in order to become Accredited. ABMA Accredited Industry Practitioners include: -

  • Building Managers
  • Building Durability Consultants (Building Inspectors specialising in defects, projected maintenance/upgrades forecasting and defective building work claims)
  • Building Management Plan Consultants (Specialising in developing, implementing and reviewing ongoing the Building Management Plan)
  • Compliance & Performance Assessors (Specialising in compliance auditing, WHS assessment and care-taking performance assessment)
  • General Practitioners (Services providers practicing in the community titles sector)
  • Trainers (ABMA Accredited Trainers, approved to deliver ABMA training programs)

Benefits of Accreditation

Accredited Building Owner benefits include:-

  • Independent central storage solution for the safe storage of ‘As Constructed’ documentation, statutory compliance certification, etc., for the life of the building
  • Easy access to stored information
  • Building Management compliance updates via ABMA Building Management Code and associated Guide Books, delivered in lay-person’s language and relating to specific industry changes, legislative changes and trends
  • Access to the national industry Advisory Service providing clarification of building management service and compliance standards as well as Early Dispute Prevention Services
  • Access to the national register of Accredited Industry Practitioners, having satisfied the rigorous national testing rationale and demonstrated competence in service delivery and relevant compliance standards
  • Building Owners are encouraged to require that their building managers are Accredited to ensure competency to the national standard
  • Annual Accreditation reviews ensure ongoing compliance with statutory compliance obligations and minimum service standards

Accredited Industry Practitioner benefits include: -

  • Reliable data base of compliant services providers is available to building owner customers
  • Accredited Industry Practitioners now have a ‘point of difference’ from their non-Accredited competitors
  • Better understanding of how to perform optimally within the community titles sector (understanding how Bodies Corporate ‘work’)


Register as an industry practitioner with ABMA today by completing the Industry Practitioner Accreditation Application Form.